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About Firexplorer

The Firexplorer began when Andy (Cobaltfish) and I were working at a large accountants, we wanted to install Firefox on a batch of new PCs yet still have our users think they were using Internet Explorer. It was a real pain in getting it to work, and we eventually gave up but started adding our findings to this website. From there corporate sponsors became interested, and we currently have a version of Firefox 1.0 repackaged very nicely. See our screenshots for what we currently have.

The difference between an IE theme and Firexplorer is saving time and energy. The IE theme typicaly doesn't install for all users, and the Firesomething extension doesn't either. Finally, the Icon packs for Mozilla aren't always straight forward to install properly, and the three of these products aren't so easy to find. Firexplorer no longer requires Firesomething, all the brand naming is done in the XML files directly. It's also been a while since we've used the Icon Packs as they were designed for, instead we modifiy the Firefox.exe file directly, and if we could work out how to change the default theme rather than install it everytime then we'd do that.